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Miniatura - Wymiarowanie

The article describing the way of using the dimensioning tools in printout sheet.

Each printout sheet made in EDS program can contain any amount of sizes. Size indicate the distance between any two points. Dimentioning can be used only for 3D view.

Majority of aspects, which are mentioned here you can find in the fourth part of video tutorial


Wymiarowanie - Karta

If you would like to start dimensioning, firstly the printout sheet with at least one 3D view have to be prepare. The easiest way to do that is using one of existing sheets.

When the sheet is made, click on "Dimensioning" (seen in the right tool panel).

Wymiarowanie - Punkt

At the beggining, opened tool card do not consist of many options. After launching it, the dimensioning of elements can be made immediately.

In dimensioning it is needed to click on chosen points. Between each pair of points, new dimension will be created. It is worth to notice the square icon surrounding the point, which is under the coursor.

Wymiarowanie - Powiększenie

Dimensioning needs choosing the specific point. In majority of cases, indication of the dimension between two extreme points is expected in dimensioning elements. Cluster of points is often placed there, what can cause necessity to zoom in and zoom out the worksheet view.

To make dimensioning easier, the zoom in preview window is dispalyed after tacking the cluster of points (or after clicking on it), thanks to that the point, which we are interested in, us can be selected precisely in an easy and quick way. 

It is worth to add that the view in a preview window is fully configurable, it means that it can be moved and calibrated.

Wymiarowanie - Chwytanie punktu

The next case, which often appeared during dimensioning is the necessity to capture the point, that is not visible in current section. In order to do that the option of showing hidden lines and points was prepared. Selecting it causes that all hidden lines will be displayed as dashed.

Wymiarowanie - Niewidoczne elementy

For displayed hidden elements apply the same rules as for "the normal one", including - the preview window is presented in the same way.

Wymiarowanie - Wymiar

After pointing out the second point, the dimension is made. By moving the mouse cursor, its position is set (you can change it at any time). To approve the dimension, click on the chosen point.

Wymiarowanie - Przesuwanie

Depending on dimension axis, the ground where you can move it is indicated automatically.

Wymiarowanie - Przenoszenie

The location of all dimensions is relative to elements, which it decribes. Section can be scaled and moved freely, and dimensions will be on their proper positions.

Wymiarowanie - Edycja

Created dimensions can be edited at any time, it means you can change it location and additional, advanced settings, such as offset, colour, size of font and another visual features.

To open the dimension features edit window, click twice on it or click right mouse button -> Edit sheet element.

The basic dimension feature, which can be change, is the dimenion axis. In few cases the axis chosen by default may be different than the expected one. To change it, click "Way of dimensioning" and select expected axis (depending on section - in 3D or 2D area).

Wymiarowanie - Odsuwanie linii

Sometimes the dimension leading line invades the dimensioning element. To improve dimension's esthetics, it is possible to move these lines from element. If you would like to do this, select "Advanced settings" and "Move lines", then choose the size of moving (the bigger size you choose, the more remote lines will be).

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