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Interface description

Miniatura - Opis interfejsu

Here you can find the description of program's interface.

Program's window is divided into few parts. Below there is a short description of each of them.

Part of the information mentioned in this chapter is also available in the video tutorial:  Tutorial 1


Opis interfejsu - menu główne

Main menu - on this level all operations, which are possible to perform in the program, are available. 

The operations are sorted into logical structure, additionally most of them are available in context menu or tool panel.

Each command can be set as a hot key or placed as a button in a shortcut bar.

Opis interfejsu - Pasek skrótów

Shortcut bar - the most often used program's functions are placed here. Toolbars can be freely arranged and hidden.

Opis interfejsu - Okno projektanta

Designer window - contains current project's view, which depends on the type of designer.

In this place project is made by use of proper operations, i.e. adding and moving composition and changing its features.

Each project consists of at least two parts  - 3D view and electric scheme. The maximum number of projects is not limited.

Currently, the available project's types are: 3D view, electric scheme, printout sheet and table.

Opis interfejsu - Drzewko bibliotek

Libraries' tree - contains all available program's elements, which can be used in projects.

Libraries designed and supported by EMITER are provided along with the program, for instance "Cabinets", "Electrical equipment", "Accessories", etc. Each library is presented as a separate sheet.

In addition, elements are sorted into categories, which are seen as a tree branch, within each library. The final elements are compositions, that can be placed in projects.

If you would like to add a composition to project, you have to drag and drop the chosen element into designer window.

Opis interfejsu - Drzewko projektu

Project's tree - within this tree all components of currently opened project are presented.

The project's components are dependent on current designer, that is the view of the tree in 3D view is slightly different than the view in printout sheet.

The elements can be marked alternately by using designer window and project's tree. Similarly, all operations and context menu are available for this tree.

Opis interfejsu - Panel narzędziowy

Tool panel is a place where depending on the context (marked compositions or chosen operation),  composition or operation features are presented or additional options or operations are available. 

After creating each operation its features will be displayed in this place.

Opis interfejsu - Wyszukiwarka

Search bar - libraries' resources can be easily explored by using search feature.

If you would like to move cursor directly to search bar, simply use Ctrl+F shortcut (or different if it was changed).

Writing the text in search window causes immediate libraries filtering and displaying only matching elements.

Keywords which are written to search bar can be only phrases' fragments. Further phrases are separated by space signs.

Właścicielem programu jest firma EMITER. Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone